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After investing time, resources, and budget into creating a marketing campaign that reaches prospective students with the right messaging you may still find that you aren’t receiving a high volume of inquiries. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to look at where your campaigns are sending your prospects and identify ways to improve their on-page experience. That’s where our free landing page optimization checklist comes in!

Our checklist helps you identify simple steps that will immediately improve your landing page’s conversion rate by walking you through 40 specific areas to focus on. This tool helps you review and identify the exact items on your landing page that need to be addressed or modified, allowing you to save time while improving your landing page’s performance and conversion rate! The end result? More leads, inquiries, and applications without increasing your budget.

What specific areas does our landing page optimization checklist review?

  • Landing page design 
  • Relevancy of headlines and content
  • Overall clarity of copy and layout
  • Urgency & tone used throughout copy
  • Supporting elements such as testimonials & video assets 

Ready to improve your conversion rates?

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