Why Inbound?

The world of marketing has changed significantly over the last few decades. Traditional marketing tactics (like cold-calling, spam email, and ads) were marketer-centric: They got in front of the customer by being interruptive. But these tactics just don’t work anymore. To be successful in today’s world, you need to follow the customers’ lead.

This means marketing in the way that people want to be marketed to. Instead of blasting your message out into the crowd hoping that someone listens, you need to create valuable content that will draw interested buyers to you. This is the essence of Inbound Marketing.

Okay, sounds great. So, why not go it alone?

You could plunge deep into the self-education of inbound marketing and spend hours online reading about best practices to implement. There’s plenty of useful education to be found and success stories to help inspire you on your new journey. The proof is there, inbound works. But the reality is, as a new embracer of inbound marketing, you’re vulnerable to major setbacks.

While you’re navigating the sharp turns of the learning curve, unseized opportunities are passing you by. To an inbound marketing novice, the methodology is foreign and the delicate stages of the funnel can be easily skewed. Bringing an agency onboard that specializes in inbound practices ensures that the time consuming, heavily analytic process returns the best results from your ideal personas.

In just a few weeks’ time, we can create an Inbound GamePlan laying out every step you need to take to become an inbound powerhouse.



The Process


The Inbound Workshop

Align Sales and Marketing around common goals, definitions, and strategies so that Marketing generates higher-quality leads that Sales can translate into won deals and increased revenue.

Persona Research

Persona Research and Discovery

Achieve a deeper understanding of your buyer’s wants and needs so that you can create urgency and preempt their questions and concerns every step of the way.

Content Marketing Plan

The GamePlan

Receive a detailed content marketing plan that will empower Marketing to create high-quality content and resources that your buyer will seek out. Step-by-step instructions for implementing HubSpot will enable you to hit the ground running and track your progress.

Inbound Gameplan Features

Buyer Personas

Your Buyer Personas

 for your ideal/typical customer

Keyword Research

Keyword research

identifying the search terms used by your buyer

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis

of your website compared to competition

Content Marketing Plan

Detailed content plan

including potential content offers and preliminary editorial calendar

Website Optimization Tips

Quick wins

that you can implement for an immediate boost to your website’s traffic


Karim B.


“Pepperland's expertise helped me to understand how I can better structure my actions and set up a long-term strategy. The exchanges were very friendly and explanations were always very clear and instructive. Sean and his team quickly understood our goals and need and clearly identified the points we should improve upon. I would definitely recommend Pepperland to any company that wants to jump into a well-thought, well-documented inbound marketing strategy.”


Post-GamePlan Wins & Results

A fully-funtioning inbound funnel in 90 days or less.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up Hubspot.

Avoid the pitfalls of a typical implementation.

Hit the ground running following best practices on Day 1.

Better-aligned sales and marketing teams.