Create a podcast that reaches new customers and generates leads.


Podcasting continues to grow by the day. It's likely someone you know has their own podcast or even one of your competitors. 

Understanding the different elements that go into developing a professional podcast is crucial. Without proper planning, your podcast is going to have a difficult time building an audience. 

By filling out the form on this page, you will gain access to our Podcast Planning Workbook for Business, which we use to help businesses define their podcasting goals. This workbook will help you:

  • Find your motivation
  • Define your goals
  • Pick a show format
  • Target Audience
  • Position your business as a leader

After completing this checklist, you will have a clearly defined path forward so you can start recording and engaging with your audience. 

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Choose the Right Equipment

What equipment should you use for your efforts? Use this workbook to find out and optimize your setup.


Identify and target your audience

Does your marketing message speak directly to your audience? Learn how podcasting can work to provide value.


Increase your Reach through Podcasting

Boost your marketing efforts with a podcast that provides value and guidance to prospective customers.